Adventure + Decisions

I had quite the adventurous day yesterday. Between an extensive tour of a violin-making shop, an afternoon in a recording studio, and a trip to my next temporary home, I managed to have 3 job interviews. What a day!

So the question of the day is – which is more important: Working for money or working for what I believe in?

This job search process is proving to be a great learning experience. If I get offered all 3 of the jobs, do I take the one that pays me the most or the one that will probably pay me the least but I value the organization more? What if my value judgement turns out to be wrong? It seems that my idea of what I want in a job isn’t what others are telling me that I should look into. It’s at times like these when I must pass along the wisdom that my dear friend once gave to me.

“If you hear God telling you to do something, and everyone else tells you to do something else, I don’t care what they say or how convincing their argument is. You do what you know you need to do. “


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  1. Ruhiyyih Rose

    I'm sooo proud of you Kyla….we miss you tons around here. I hope that the right job comes to you soon! I am mailing off some more stuff to you on Monday so let me know if there is an address change! 🙂

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