It’s a Small World, After All

Today I served a man who is in town for a few weeks, but just happens to actually live down the street from where I moved from in Virginia. Weird. I miss you, Edison St.
Last week I went swing dancing and met a cool girl, Shawna. The next night at church, Shawna sat right next to me. We are now going to be roommates.
My friend Erin from grade school took a vacation to D. C. and spent a lot of time with my good friend, Matt, before they realized that they both knew me.
Do you have a small world story? I have tons, but unfortunately am too hungry right now to think of any more.


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  1. Ruhiyyih Rose

    Oh my lord. Which neighbor!? I can pop over and say hello again if you'd like. You should come visit on Presidents Day weekend. We're just sayin….

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