Why Nashvegas?

I am regularly asked why I moved from DC to Nashville. Here’s the story.

I was working at this awesome job with the CCCU. The only problem was that my heart knew I didn’t want to remain in an office job as my life-long career, and that I was missing out on some things I really enjoyed. These things included speaking Spanish, getting to know people, and being the social person that I am. I knew I had to leave my job, which was a particularly difficult decision since I had a seat reserved on a flight to Uganda for September, I didn’t know what to do next, and I loved the Council. Leaving the job meant no trip to Africa. It also meant that I had no income! Thankfully, I have had enough education to teach me that I should always have money saved up for things like this. I prepared to live for three months in D. C. without a job, so that I could spend time looking for what I wanted to do.

So I applied to graduate school at George Mason University. It was perfect timing. I had in-state tuition, references wrote letters overnight for me, I met a friend who was in the same program, I could walk to classes, and I didn’t have to take the GRE.

My last day at the Council was July 13th, and my community gathered with me to celebrate the change in life. My family was vacationing in D. C. as well so they were there to tell me that I was crazy for leaving a job without another one lined up. So what did I do next? I went on vacation. The end of which was the annual Cofer Family Reunion in Mississippi.

When I arrived at the reunion, my family was interested in my change of plans. Several different family members invited me to live with them. I could have moved to Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, or Mississippi. The same weekend my roommate called me from D. C. to read me my grad school acceptance letter.

I spent a great amount of time with God that weekend. Through that, I became confident of one thing. God loved me greatly and that either decision was not right or wrong, it was just a decision. I could pick either one and it would work out for God’s glory. I could choose where my heart called loudest.

And you know the rest of the story. Nashville called loudly because I knew that I had community outside of my family members here. Forming relationships with my family is extremely important to me, but I was concerned about putting too much hope in that we would be close and knew that it would be important to have other community. So I declined graduate school and spent my savings to move to Music City.

I struggled with the decision for some time at the beginning of this year. Transition is never easy, and it was exemplified for me by the fact that I couldn’t find a job in the career field I wanted. I know have much more peace about being here, as I have been strengthened in numerous ways. The challenges have forced me to grow in directions that I was unprepared for, but I am confident that God will use those challenges so that He will be honored.

I hope this helps to give a better picture of what is going on in my life. Since it’s 3:00 in the morning, I think I’ll end now. Please feel free to ask questions that might merit another post! Goodnight.


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  1. Ruhiyyih Rose

    Ahh questions that may merit another post – watch out! :)What are some of your life goals? You know ones that are MUST DO's before you leave this earth?Which roomie was the funniest? As we all sat at Arlington Cemetery yesterday morning for the Easter Sunrise service, we thought of you, at 5:48am."We should call Kyla on her birthday today." says Lauren."Now?" asks Roo."Well. Hmm. We do want to retain her friendship, so maybe we will wait until a more decent time." replies Lauren.Then we slept all day. Thought of you though!PS> You made the right decision with your move. I am going to Uganda in July and I will get you a little piece of the country. :)"Well…

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