Kyla Joy, This is your life.

The to-do list is getting shorter. I spent an hour in Walmart today getting last-minute supplies, like a card reader for my camera card. Man, I am so glad that I don’t live close to Walmart or any of its competitors. That place is a consumeristic trap! It was only by sheer willpower did my bank account get out of there alive.

All that I have been writing about is this trip to Africa. However, it’s my blog and that’s what’s going on in my life. Plus, many of you are reading specifically for Africa updates. There are still other things going on, though, especially since I don’t leave for another two days (these last few days seem to be much longer than normal ones). Things such as love, lonliness, sin, joy, crushes, conversations, tea, frustrations, television, delicious food, tears, and laughter. Yes, that sums up my week.

I have a seven-ish hour layover in Atlanta on Tuesday morning. Any suggestions? Also, if you’re reading my blog, you really should comment. If you comment, my blog just might get better and more interesting to read.

Oh! I found out that I likely have places to live through May when I return to Nashville. Hopefully by June, I’ll have a job and can find a permanent place to live. If you hear of great job openings, pass them along! I might post once more before my flight. If not, next time you’ll be hearing from me in a different time zone.



  1. I have a suggestion for your seven-hour layover: jumping jacks. They will make you feel so great for that loooong flight 🙂

    God speed dear friend!!! 🙂

  2. I apparently don't read your blog enough! I had no idea you were going to Africa! So exciting. I have more to read- I still don't know why.

  3. Hey… I tried to find something useful and did a few searches and this one came up with the best results:

    With that much time I might consider leaving the airport.. unless you have a huge carry-on. That might hinder movement a tad.

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