In Parts. Five.

Part 5: El fin y el presente. Todo es nuevo

I hope you enjoyed the catch-up story over the last few days. I stopped blogging awhile back for many reasons. There were so many new things and transitions going on in my life. Everything was changing and uncertain. In the midst of that, I was in year 1.5 of culture shock after moving to Nashville. This tends to be the time in a move for me when I want out, am not sure what to do, and feel desperately empty and alone. When I look through my history, this is true for every time I’ve moved (which has been quite a lot). Add to that the uncertainty of general life, and I had my hands/mind full.

My community was shifting. Again. Over and over I heard that Holy Spirit telling me to stay. For once, just stay. The easy thing would be to move and start over again. I knew that in the end that wouldn’t hold true, for according to history, in less than 2 years I’d be in this same emotional turmoil. So I stayed. I still don’t know what that means here. For now it means that I have a steady job (thank you, to Luke, who had this job before me and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska of all places), a place not only to store the belongings God has given me but to live with them, a city that I don’t get lost in as much because I finally know my way around, a car that is miraculously still running, and a slowly growing group of friends. It means attempting to train for a 1/2 marathon in April, spending every Monday night with the Homeless, trying to get out of debt, and spending lots of time in prayer.

Work is slowing down a little, so in my free time I’ll try to blog, but my community has shifted. For one, I have coworkers! I don’t sit in an empty room by myself all day and hope for life on the internet. I’m going to try and do other things. Life-giving things (for you, Sarah). Maybe I’ll write a book. Maybe I’ll exercise more. Maybe I’ll volunteer more or get a second job. Either way, I’m back on the blog with a new look and a new perspective. The end and the present. Everything is new.

All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I’m not easily imsdspeer. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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