Looking Back

Have you noticed how we like to mark time? We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in great fashion. My favorites are the anniversaries that only I know about. For example, today is April 15th. Tax day for some, birthdays for others, for me – the day I returned from South Africa one year ago.

Marking time is an excellent way to look back and see what God has done since the last time we celebrated. In the year since I’ve been home from South Africa, I have seen God do remarkable things in my life. I have made decisions I never though I’d make, met folks I never dreamed of meeting, and ran like I’ve never run. So much has happened in one year’s time, and I love being able to look back and see the glory of God through all of it.

I think looking back to see how far we have traveled has the potential to teach us to live our life more fully in the present and future. Although, if we spend too much time in the past, we’ll never have the joy of the present. Enjoy today and the moments it carries with it. But also take a few minutes to celebrate the years past and what has happened to bring you where you are today.

If you don’t like where you are today, or there is much tragedy and sorrow in your life, this is an opportunity to remember joyful moments and let them carry you. Remember that hope does exist, that “this too shall pass” and do not hesitate to let today’s experience be a part of your greater story. There is always a greater story, and today has the pleasure of being a part of it.

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