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Tonight I was looking for a song that I heard earlier this year, about how faith isn’t faith until it’s been refined with fire. Well, unfortunately I couldn’t find a video to that song to share with you, but I did find this video by the same artist. Nathan Lee writes from his soul, songs that ask big questions about life and faith. He isn’t afraid to “go there” wherever that may be at the time. He’s been through fire and chooses to keep walking forward to get and give the most in life. His music isn’t something I would ordinarily seek out, but every time I hear the songs, I am captured by the lyrics. I want to get out of my seat, change something about the world, and LIVE. I hope you find strength while listening to this song.


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  1. mike

    thank you for what you do kyla. i couldn't love your posts more. there's a reason for that. you find that way to speak to a person through your writing as if you were speaking face to face. i would be so lost if your inspirations didnt reel me back in. i havnt cussed on facebook in a long time. I want you to know i admire you. simple as that.

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