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Alright, it’s clear that I am terrible at posting regularly. I often have thoughts and ideas that I want to post, but they never make it to publishing. One reason for this is that I fear vulnerability. I really do not want to make myself vulnerable to anybody with access to a search engine. I’ve probably mentioned this here before.

A second reason for the slow posting, is that many of my thoughts end up in a journal, and not on my blog. Once it’s in the journal, I don’t feel the need to write thoughts thoughts out any further, so the blog never sees a draft.

The final reason that you only get sporadic blog posts, is that as a perfectionist, I lack discipline to accomplish certain tasks. I get caught up in the way something is worded, that commas are in the right place, that I use descriptive words and shy away from “is”, and that whatever I write has great value to my readers.

I do, however, want to write more. I want to contribute to the blog-o-sphere and creative space. I want to participate in the conversation. In order to do that, I need to post regularly!

inspireI decided that I’m going to look at blogging the same way I looked at running my first half marathon. I trained slowly, running short distances at first. One mile for a couple of weeks led to two miles, then three. After months of training, I could easily go for a ten-mile run and casually ask, “what’s for breakfast?”.

For the next month, I will write one post each week. I’ll post on Wednesdays, allowing myself an entire week to think of and word a post. The goal is that by Easter, I will have the confidence and discipline to start writing two posts each week. Maybe by the new year I’ll be writing three or more posts a week that create worthwhile thoughts and conversations.

Now you know my goal. I hope you’ll keep reading and commenting. Please do comment, by the way. That’s how I’ll be encouraged to keep on!

Be on the lookout for the first post tomorrow morning. Welcome to my conversation!

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  1. Joseph T. Richardson

    I am glad to be a part of your conversation! Please keep it up!


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