What I’m learning about starting a Non-profit, a list

  1. Trust our advisers and leaders
  2. We have to know who we are, to know where we are going
  3. It’s been done before
  4. Do the researchMounting bills Project 365(2) Day 142
  5. Don’t wait for someone else to do the work
  6. It’s not as difficult as it seems, but it’s not easy
  7. People want us to succeed
  8. It’s a team effort
  9. I really like paperwork, and that is kind of unusual
  10. Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, 501c3, tax-exempt, conflict of interest, indemnity, form 1023, narrative, and more!
  11. “It’s not so much about the end result, but who we are becoming in the process” (- Pete Wilson)

Photo by Keith Williamson

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