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One thing I love about growing older, is that I can claim some friendships have lasted decades. I met Ashley Mower when we lived on the same dorm hall our freshman year of college. We went through college together, sharing many common experiences even though our personalities are often opposites (she likes to stay in, I like to go out). Ashley is the one who motivated me to study abroad because of her contagious love of other cultures (mention Cambodia and her eyes glow). I finally had the chance to visit her in Maine this year, and I jumped at it.

Ashley studied Graphic Design in college, and immediately after graduation opened her own Design studio. She soon found out her real love was photography, and mixed in with her long list of ideas and projects, she now runs a successful photography business.

We couldn’t resist a photo shoot on a rainy day during my vacation. Ashley captured many of the portraits you’ll see on this site. Of course, she also designed my new header.

If you live in, around, or close to Maine, you’ll want to look up this woman. She is passionate about giving people dignity through photography and by any other means necessary. If you don’t live in Maine, well, “has passport, will travel”.

Thanks for your help, Ashley! Here’s to another decade of ideas.

Ashley Mower (the lawn is silent) Photography

*I was not paid for this. I just think it would be a pity for you to not know about my friend and how fantastic she is!


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  2. This is not about what they think of you. It's all about you!

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  4. Next time I'm in Maine will look her up, thanks.

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