Fighting with God: Do we win or lose?

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My pride tells me that when I’m in the middle of a fight with God because I refuse to let go of something, that I’m going to lose. I don’t want to give up on whatever it is that I’m holding on to, because I’m afraid of being on the losing end of the game.

The truth is, that God never wants us to lose. If we’re in a fight with God, it’s because God wants something better for us and something else is trying to destroy that plan. We become our own worst enemy when we think we know better than God’s desire for us.

So don’t be afraid to let go of whatever it is that you’re holding onto. It might feel like you’re losing, but you’re actually letting go so that something better can grow.


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  1. Amazing insight, and so true. It's difficult to let go and let God do what only He can do, when we think we can do so much better. If only we saw the big picture the way He does.

    • kylajoyful

      I really like art, particularly pointillism, for this reason. Up close, I can only see points of color. Small dots that by themselves, mean nothing. When I take a step back, the big picture astounds me!

  2. It all comes down to trust. When I fight, when I sin, when I'm stubborn, it's not because I'm really worried about the particular issue. It's more of a question of whether or not I really know and trust in the character of God. Is he really good? Does he really have my best interest in mind? Will he really never leave or forsake me?

    In those fighting moments, sometimes there is intercession and I am able to be reminded of this root question and fall back into the comforting head and heart knowledge of the truly good nature of Christ.

    I pray that we can all have more of those moments to step back and see the loving face of the Father 🙂

  3. I think what really tests our faith is when we do let go and things get worse. A bit of context: I was diagnosed with my rare kidney disease back in Feb. 2006. I prayed, gave it to God, and hoped for the best. And I got sicker. Started dialysis 3 days a week, 4 hours a session in March 2007. I prayed, hands were laid on me, and I got sicker. And sicker.

    Friends of mine from church had a prayer meeting for me Sept. 09, a room full of people laid hands, oil, the whole deal on me. And I got sicker. In and out of the hospital 17 times from Jan. '06 til now.

    Yet through all of that…drama, I held on to hope and believing God would save the day. I think when we let go, what grows will be beneficial for us, but may be the hardest thing ever. My kidney disease is the best thing that could have happened to me (other than my lady and Baby Boo coming soon). The faith, the hope, the love I have for God I wouldn't have had if he had healed me back in the day. So many stories, so much to tell and this comment is getting too long as it is.

    When we let go, what God does may not be pretty, but it will be absolutely beautiful.

    • kylajoyful

      Thanks for sharing your story here, Jermaine. I'm sorry that you went through all of that. Your sickness was not a good thing, but it sounds like God is continuing the redemption story through you. Yes, it is absolutely beautiful.

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