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Photo credit: Richard Potts

My friend, Rich, spent a nice vacation in Florida last week. This picture made me smile and I couldn’t resist asking him to share it with you.

Vacations are important! However, the internet never takes one. This week I couldn’t read fast enough. Here are a few posts I caught at the beginning of the week that you might have missed.

  • Somebody is blogging about the Bible? No new thing, but Ben Emerson writes chapter by chapter, anyway. This post is actually a guest post by Alise Write, who’s made this page before. So you get a two-for-one. A new blog to check out, and a post by Alise. Exodus 26: Skilled Workers Needed!
  • Congress had a rough weekend, last weekend. Tim Sanders had some advice to offer, and while they’re a little late today, I still want to share them with you.
  • I like when I find that I’m saying the same thing as someone else, only different. Here’s Seth Godin’s version of what I said in Wednesday’s post.


  • I’m taking photo submissions! I want to see more of you. Each week, I’m going to post a photo for the Week in Review that shows a little of life in the past week or so. Please share your favorite photos! If your photo is selected, you’ll receive photo credit with a link to your website.


  • G rated
  • Taken within the last two months
  • Limit to 5 photos, per person per month. Boundaries, people, boundaries.
  • By submitting your photo, you give permission for it to be posted on this site, at my discretion.

Next week on the blog*:
Wednesday –  What Does It Mean When You Look At Me Like That?
Friday – Week in Review

*Subject to change. I’m not a fortune-teller!

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