Mix and match Wednesday: husbands, writing, and being known

It’s noon on Wednesday and I’m just now starting my Wednesday post. I was so busy cleaning and cooking last night, that I didn’t remember it was Tuesday night until 10pm. Since my goal was to be asleep by 10 so I could go running with my neighbor at 6, I forfeited writing. I didn’t go running, by the way. Mornings have a way of sucking up all of my motivation. This is when I think I’d like marriage. Then, a hunky man could kick me out of the bed saying, “enough with the snooze button. Put your shoes on and run already”. And in a perfect world, I’d listen.

Thank You 2

Photo Credit: Flickr (creative commons)

In the middle of cooking and cleaning, I was checking email and twitter like a maniac. I would have so much more time in the day if I could just free myself from the bright glow of the internet. I was thrilled, however, to see that you can look inside the Amazon.com copy of Not Alone: Stories of Living with Depression. I’ve tried to play it cool, but what’s the point? I’m stoked that I contributed to this book. I mean, my name is in print for-eh-ver.

Ahem. Bringing it back.

Thank you for reading my blog. Seriously. I’m not on a top blogs list by any means, but for those of you that read what I write, I’m truly honored. I try not to be annoying by saying thank you every time I think it, but really, thank you. Words of encouragement is one of my love languages, so your encouragement to keep writing makes me feel like you’re that hunky husband, kicking me out of bed and encouraging me to run. Too far on that analogy?

While we’re on the subject, I also have an article in the upcoming issue of CONSP!RE magazine. In August, my friend Matt, visited Nashville. While introducing me to all of his friends (apparently I don’t know everyone here, as the rumors suggest), we began talking about food justice. I had an idea for an article, Conspire liked it, and Voila! If you haven’t heard of CONSP!RE, please go check it out and consider a subscription.

Lastly, I re-stumbled upon a goodie for you. One year while living in DC, my church offered a class taught by Psychiatrist Curt Thompson. The class was so powerful that Thompson ended up writing a book about it (the subject, not the class itself). That book has now turned into a website, Being Known. Straight from the site:

“Being Known seeks to help people explore the integral relationship between deep, meaningful connections with God and others–being known–and the development of healthier minds, healthier communities and ultimately, a healthier world.”

My heart feels peace when I read words like those. I hope you check out the website.

I plan on writing an actual, focused, blog post at least once more this week. Then next week, it’s Compassion Week! I’m looking forward to hosting guest bloggers as we talk about what compassion means in the real world.

Go, Grow


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