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Kyla Joy, The Practical Life Coach

I’ll be your encourager, your cheerleader, your guru. If you’re feeling stuck, I can push you. If you’re feeling unsure, I will help you figure out why. If you’re tired of telling the same story and want to forge a new path, let me forge it with you. Continue reading


Thankful isn’t a strong enough word, sometimes.

I’m sitting in my favorite, overstuffed, blue denim chair drinking a mug of hot chamomile. My Norah Jones radio station successfully reminds me that everything is okay in the world, and an unexpected conversation a few minutes ago rests my … Continue reading


Rants to Revelations

I write my best material in the minutes immediately before falling asleep. Unfortunately, those are also the minutes when I’ll never remember the genius I came up with. There are a hundred excuses for why I haven’t written or posted … Continue reading


I’m going to wait and see

Not surprisingly, I really love building and creating things. I’m slowly setting up a shop and teaching myself how to build furniture. No less than a dozen people help me with each project, offering advice or brawn (that dresser is … Continue reading


Not waiting for “someday”

In the months prior to the race, I also somehow managed to convince (I’m becoming quite the sales woman) my dad that he could help me with a little project. When I lived in DC in 2005, I let it … Continue reading


I’m back!

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m taking a break from writing, and my lack of blog posts and being kicked out of the BlogHer program makes that statement fairly obvious. Writing takes creative energy, motivation, and dedication, and I … Continue reading


A Few Simple Stories of Hope

I was conned into writing a story about hope for the Hope Blog Tour, by The Outpatient Monk. He promised his readers I’d write one before I even said yes. That made me smile and start writing. Thanks, friend. A penned … Continue reading

Give, Go, Grow

Christianity Doesn’t Want You

In a moment in my early morning dream today, I was at a friend’s house for a party. During the party, this estranged friend of mine approached me in conversation. I can’t remember why I went to the party, but … Continue reading


My need for adventure and fast-paced roller coasters

I once read in my favorite anthropology book (the only anthropology book I’ve ever read*), about the pattern of culture shock that each person experiences. When we enter a new experience, our minds and bodies acknowledge the change in unique … Continue reading


When Deserts become Oasis

I’m sitting with my friend the Outpatient Monk, with the promise that I’ll write a blog post. I guess it’s time. The last few months have been full, and my visit with The Outpatient Monk and friends has been a sort … Continue reading