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Because Telling the Truth is Hard To Do

“Always tell the truth and never tell a lie”. That was our family motto when I was a kid. It’s a good motto, and one that I broke fairly easily. I didn’t lie when the consequences didn’t matter. “Did you … Continue reading


The value of friendship

I visited an old friend last week. I love catching up with old friends. Seeing people who “knew me when” – especially those who not only knew me then but still know me now –  does something remarkable to my … Continue reading

Community, Grow

When I can’t escape the words

Do you ever feel like you’re just…fighting? Like you can see ahead all the things that you want and need to do but you can’t. What is it that they say? Something about how your “get up and go” won’t … Continue reading


Giving birth to a miracle

A friend of mine is in the hospital this week due to pregnancy complications. Thankfully, baby and mom are doing okay, but my friend is being continuously monitored and on bed rest. Since I don’t have personal experience with pregnancy and … Continue reading


A Day I Discovered My Worth

For years, I believed that other people were “the authority”, and I was always wrong. I somehow managed to apply this theory to all people, from children to grumpy old men or politicians to teachers. If someone spoke with authority, … Continue reading


How To Change The World

Every time I take a trip, I’m reminded of a good lesson when I return home. I’ll travel to some exotic location (like Nebraska) for a few days, and then return to normal life. My friends inevitably ask, “how was … Continue reading

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The results of influential people

One week ago, I returned from a weekend-plus trip to Annapolis/DC. My brother lives in that area, and I lived there after I graduated from college. Vacations to places like that, where I am visiting someone as well as reminiscing … Continue reading

Community, Grow

What does it mean to be healthy and whole?

Things I’ve been thinking about this Valentine’s week: What does it mean to be healthy and whole? I think it means that we know we’re free to give and receive dignity. It means that as women, we know our worth … Continue reading


My Take on Valentine’s Day

I currently know five close friends who are pregnant. A sixth friend gave birth last week. Valentine’s Day is this week and while some think it’s just another consumerist holiday, I’d say that many of us appreciate the holiday and … Continue reading


The Greatest Gift We Can Give

About six years ago, I declared myself a Vegetarian. I chose this for multiple reasons, none of them having to do with a dislike of meat (I love meat. Especially of the venison variety). I made the switch to pay … Continue reading