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Birthday gifts and a video blog

Friday night video blog for you! (Please ignore the jump in the middle. Yes, I edited this.) (Please ignore the loud sound at the end. I have no idea what that is.) (I’ve never uploaded a video to  youtube before.) … Continue reading


How I Feel About Gay Marriage

My neighbor sent me an out-of-the-blue text this week. “How do you feel about gay marriage?” His first mistake was sending that message to me via text. That’s not a question that can be answered in 160 characters or less! … Continue reading


A Tale of Wealth and Poverty

I planned on stopping for lunch at 12:30, so I’d have enough time to make my 1:00 meeting. The meeting was three blocks away from my office, and lunch about half way between. As I approached the next intersection, I … Continue reading


How can I serve God and still have a paycheck?

How can I serve God and still pay my bills? A University student posed this question to me as we waited to package meals for the homeless. I nodded in sympathy, he wasn’t the first to ask this question. We … Continue reading


Guest Post: Lynn Bell

I’m pleased to share today’s post with you from Lynn Bell. Lynn brings up some challenges in family relationships, as she shares her own story. You can find Lynn on her blog or Facebook. Family is an important topic in … Continue reading


Breaking The Cycle Of Violence

Mr. D, as we called him, was one of my favorite teachers in high school. Tall and thin, with an unforgettable face, Mr. D. couldn’t hide a twinkle in his eyes, as if he always knew something we didn’t. Imported … Continue reading


Growing Up, Giving More, and Going Forward

Last year, I added the tagline, “Growing up, Giving more, and Going forward” to the blog. You’ll see that phrase scattered throughout the site if you look closely enough. At the top of the page, the words, “Grow, Give, Go” … Continue reading

Give, Go, Grow

How To Handle Criticism

When Holly and I drove to North Carolina last summer, we talked for a solid eight hours. We didn’t know each other before meeting at 4am that morning, so we found plenty to talk about. Then we spent four days … Continue reading

Boundaries, Grow

2011 in Blogging

Hey again! Welcome to the first Wednesday post of 2012. For fun, here’s a few statistics from the last year on this blog. Since I redesigned in May, and switched platforms, some of the stats don’t begin until then. Enjoy! … Continue reading


Last Wednesday post of the year, a 2011 personal recap

It’s the end of the year, and everyone’s talking about the events of the past year and hopes for the next. I’m jumping on that bandwagon, because I’ve enjoyed reading updates from everyone else. Last year started off terribly. I … Continue reading