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Last week’s Haiti news

For those of you following me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably heard about this story last week, but I wanted to post it here. About ten days ago, I saw this tweet from Jeff Goins: Jeff Goins Just found … Continue reading


Compassion Week Wrap-up

We made it to the last day of Compassion Week, thanks for following along! I said earlier, that without compassion, social justice is hard work. I really believe that. Jesus didn’t just do a lot of great things, he changed … Continue reading

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Compassion Week Interview with Jeff Goins

I connected with Jeff Goins earlier this year in my quest to learn more about blogging and writing. Jeff writes an impressive blog, offering advice and encouragement to writers. As I’ve gotten to know Jeff, I started seeing his writing … Continue reading

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You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

It’s really easy for me to talk about how great Jesus is. I’ve heard about him since the day I was born; I know his story and a good deal about all the theories and ideas that grew from his … Continue reading

Give, Go, Grow

Shelly Miller: Compassion is a Lifestyle

You may recognize today’s guest poster, she’s been here before! Shelly is a dear friend who constantly has me giggling in the confines of my office cubicle. Shelly has lived outside of the U. S. for many years, and offers … Continue reading


Jermaine Lane: Unexpected Compassion

This week I’m hosting a series about compassion. I write a lot about social justice and how we can practically give to the world. I think that without compassion, social justice is just a lot of hard work. I hope … Continue reading


Share your story in every language

Three years ago or so, a friend of mine needed someone to fill in for her interpreting gig. It was for a day-long class, and I was to interpret the English presentations into Spanish. That friend later moved, and I … Continue reading


For all people

If you read Sunday’s post, I’m still thinking a lot about it. I really do think that we live in this culture that’s just fascinated with death. We do everything that we can to avoid it, and we want to … Continue reading


Obsessed with Death

I’ve become increasingly aware over the last few months, that I live in a culture obsessed with death. I grew up in a conservative, evangelical, christian, white, middle-class, north american home. This is my cultural background. Actually, it’s also my … Continue reading


Should we classify our ethnicity for the sake of data?

As part of my day job, I process personal information for hundreds of people. Name, address, birthdate, etc. The form that each person submits with their information includes a section on Ethnicity. Each time I record a person’s ethnicity; I … Continue reading

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