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Joy of choosing

Life is full of little decisions. Am I going to get out of bed, or hit the snooze button? Cereal or eggs? Return the phone call now, later, or never? How do I respond to that comment? What am I … Continue reading

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A quick Google search of the word “Joy” will not fail to give you less than 186,000,000 resources to the word. From Webster’s online dictionary and Wikipedia to …. Nine albums titled “joy” Fourteen+ songs Books, TV episodes, city names, … Continue reading


The ‘Someday’ Lifestyle

What does your lifestyle say about who you are and what you believe? Since I was 14 years old, my life mission has involved loving at-risk youth. At 14, I had no idea how this goal would be achieved or … Continue reading

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A change in the wind

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in so long you’ve just stopped reading. Don’t give up on me yet, folks. While blogging is not my main form of communication (I prefer coffee dates, phone calls, and road trips), I’m … Continue reading

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I had no idea old scars could reopen and be painful in new ways. They are mostly painful when they involve people I care about.  I also forget how innately selfish I am.  Please pray for my heart.  It hurts … Continue reading

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On being content

Contentment. What does that mean? The writer* of Ecclesiastes spends a lot of time discussing contentment. Over and over I read that “life is meaningless” yet still the writer manages to convince me that there is purpose and enjoyment in … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Fear

Here’s a little insight into the thought life of Kyla Joy. While driving on an unfamiliar highway in Texas… “Culebra St. Culebra, culebra. I think that means snake. I remember where I learned that word.” Picture: Guatemala. Forest. Green. Weeds. … Continue reading

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Resolution 2009

To be more present: Satisfied and content with today. Current progress: 50% Lessons remembered: God’s grace is sufficient. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments … Continue reading

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Bored again.

Things to do when you are bored at work: Watch Finish crocheting that blanket Learn a new language Stare Write letters to your brother in the military Wonder why it’s 11:30 and Annie hasn’t posted on her blog yet … Continue reading


Baby steps

Do you remember What About Bob? and his book of Baby Steps? Baby steps to the door, baby steps to the elevator, baby steps to four o’clock, etc. During many stressed-out days in college, my dear friend, B, would tell … Continue reading