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2011 in Blogging

Hey again! Welcome to the first Wednesday post of 2012. For fun, here’s a few statistics from the last year on this blog. Since I redesigned in May, and switched platforms, some of the stats don’t begin until then. Enjoy! … Continue reading


Last Wednesday post of the year, a 2011 personal recap

It’s the end of the year, and everyone’s talking about the events of the past year and hopes for the next. I’m jumping on that bandwagon, because I’ve enjoyed reading updates from everyone else. Last year started off terribly. I … Continue reading


Greed Satisfied

I’ve been thinking more about Greed, after my last post. I read the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 in the book of John, and I wondered why so many people came to hear a famous speaker, and didn’t plan … Continue reading


Greedy in December

Greed doesn’t always signify money. Greed means a chasing after something, wanting of more. The problem with greed is that it always leaves us wanting and never satisfies. Greed comes in all shapes and sizes. North Americans think a lot … Continue reading


Christmas Parties, Funky Music, and.

Last week was a crazy week for me. It’s a busy time of year for everyone, I know. Is anyone else over-filling their schedule with Christmas parties? People Loving Nashville hosted a Fundraiser Ball on Tuesday. We danced to Jason … Continue reading

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I’m Not Who I Was

I caught up with an old friend this week. At one of those dozens of parties that happen in December that no matter how hard I try, I can’t say no to. Over the loud music and dancing, my friend … Continue reading


Our Addictions and what they steal

I think it’s highly likely that every person fights at least one type of addiction. Some addictions really destroy our lives. Pornography. Alcohol. Cocaine. Some addictions keep themselves hidden. Pride. Greed. Attention. All addictions serve to trick us into believing … Continue reading


Do you question your beliefs?

A pastor once asked, upon seeing my eyes ask deep, difficult questions week after week, if I “was questioning my faith”. He asked in a tone that suggested, to my insecure, young-adult self, that questioning one’s faith was a dark, … Continue reading


An obligatory holiday post

I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and every blog post  you read in the next couple of days will say “here’s what I’m thankful for”. I usually attempt to avoid those posts, because frankly, I think they’re a bit cliché. … Continue reading


Here’s to not having it all together

It’s 4:45 and I’m just now pausing to write this post. I planned on writing it last night. At 11pm, I realized I completely forgot about writing. Since I didn’t have any ideas in mind, I just let it go. … Continue reading