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Don’t let the spirit of fear destroy you

The spirit of fear comes to destroy us, if we let it. Learning how to choose peace instead of fear takes practice. Where do you start? Today I’m writing about my most recent fearful experience, and how I dealt with … Continue reading

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How chocolate covered strawberries taught me about Lent

I didn’t grow up practicing Lent, or any other practice of the Christian Calendar. Over the last five years as an adult, I’ve come to appreciate the value of these sacred practices. This year, I wanted to give up something for Lent … Continue reading

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Life’s a beach.

Just going to paint a picture today. Hope you don’t mind the change of pace. Keep your eyes open for a new post on Wednesday! When you’re wading in waist-high water, it’s not really deep enough to swim, but deep … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to hurt me

“I don’t want to see you get hurt”, a statement I’ve heard more than once recently. In these conversations, the sentiment is often followed with “Guard your heart”. Since I tend to take the Bible pretty seriously, and the words … Continue reading

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Confession Friday 1.2 “I don’t want to go”

I originally wrote this post in October 2008. I wrote it as a journal entry, and never posted it. I’m sharing today as part of the Confession series, and adding new thoughts to the end. Today, I don’t want to … Continue reading

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A life meant to be lived

…maybe life is meant to always be lived like this. To the fullest: joyful, fearless, hopeful, and content. Never being satisfied with knowing just enough, but always striving to know Christ more and live in His presence. I can be confident, content, and secure because of Christ’s unending love for me. Unafraid of the hard work ahead, because it’s work we’ve been called to do, a life we were meant to live. Continue reading

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A shelter needs a name

Alright! If you have not read the previous post, you would benefit to do so now. Here is how we need you. We want to get moving on starting this shelter. Much has already been done, and even more is … Continue reading

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The ‘Someday’ Lifestyle

What does your lifestyle say about who you are and what you believe? Since I was 14 years old, my life mission has involved loving at-risk youth. At 14, I had no idea how this goal would be achieved or … Continue reading

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A change in the wind

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in so long you’ve just stopped reading. Don’t give up on me yet, folks. While blogging is not my main form of communication (I prefer coffee dates, phone calls, and road trips), I’m … Continue reading

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Just Courage

” Indeed, how do I actually live with bravery, love and significance? And how do I lead others in that path? We have all had moments and glimpses of our own courage. We’ve all been brave when we needed to … Continue reading

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