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The ‘Someday’ Lifestyle

What does your lifestyle say about who you are and what you believe? Since I was 14 years old, my life mission has involved loving at-risk youth. At 14, I had no idea how this goal would be achieved or … Continue reading

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In Parts. Two

Part 2: Work This summer was one of the best times of my life to date. With no steady employment, I was forced to depend daily on Christ and rest in His great love for me. My faith grew immensely … Continue reading

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In parts. One

Part 1: Recap I left my job back in February, and by the end of the month I was in South Africa. A lot has happened since then. Here’s a re-cap. Next week will break it down in separate posts. … Continue reading

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The skinny.

Alright people, here’s what’s going on in my life. Still no job. I’ve had a few interviews, but I’m still waiting. So, in the meantime, I found some things to do. Tuesday morning I’m going out on the road with … Continue reading

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Here a job, there a job, everywhere a job-job

Last week I was crazy-busy with work. I worked several odd jobs and loved it. I kind of would like to be self-employed forever and just do random jobs. It’s great. And completely unreliable.  But last week it worked fine. This … Continue reading

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I forgot my pen.

Phone rings. Kyla: Good morning, Bridges to care Woman: Yeah, can you give me some information on Dental Kyla: Sure. Are you working at least 20 hours a week? Woman: Yeah, I work Kyla: Okay, here’s a phone number for … Continue reading

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Purpose and Affirmation

Yesterday during lunch, God and I had a little discussion. It consisted of me being frustrated with the purpose of life. Not just life in general, but my life. Through some of the things I’ve been reading lately, I’m seeing … Continue reading

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Career v. Calling Job v. Vocation What can I do with this moment? If God has called me to something, nothing in the world will stop that from happening. Pray. Don’t force life to happen. Experience. Journal. Engage in conversation. … Continue reading

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Things I’m Thinking About

Here are a few (okay, many) things I’ve been thinking about: – How little I know about what it really means to be healthy – What does it mean to not run away – Sometimes it’s okay to run away. … Continue reading

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Job Searching

So, I’m in the middle of searching for a “real” job right now. Working at Applebee’s as their favorite hostess helps to keep me busy and brings in some money, but I moved here to work with at-risk teens. There … Continue reading

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