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New Hope

For the last several months, I have been training to run a 1/2 marathon. Yes, that’s 13.something miles. I’m shocked at how much I’m enjoying training and how short 13 miles seems. Every Saturday (well, except for the day I … Continue reading

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A change in the wind

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in so long you’ve just stopped reading. Don’t give up on me yet, folks. While blogging is not my main form of communication (I prefer coffee dates, phone calls, and road trips), I’m … Continue reading

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Two. Two? TWO! Two.

If you read that word enough times, it starts to look misspelled. Yes, I have lived in Nashville for two years.  For as long as I lived in DC.  I feel significantly older. The last year, has been, well, weird. … Continue reading

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In Parts. Five.

Part 5: El fin y el presente. Todo es nuevo I hope you enjoyed the catch-up story over the last few days. I stopped blogging awhile back for many reasons. There were so many new things and transitions going on … Continue reading

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In Parts. Four.

Part 4: Home? Yesterday’s post was on homelessness and my wandering over the last few months. Now I get to tell you about part 4 of my transition. The last update that I sent before starting this 5-part..um..series, I was headed … Continue reading

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In Parts. Three..

Part 3: Homeless When I left the country in February, I also moved out of my residence in East Nashville. Although I would only be gone for six (ish) weeks, I knew that I could not afford to pay rent, … Continue reading

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In Parts. Two

Part 2: Work This summer was one of the best times of my life to date. With no steady employment, I was forced to depend daily on Christ and rest in His great love for me. My faith grew immensely … Continue reading

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What’s behind the Thistle

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. Partly out of being busy and experiencing an overabundance of transition, partly from a desire to focus on community outside of the www, and partly from just plain not wanting to share any … Continue reading

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The skinny.

Alright people, here’s what’s going on in my life. Still no job. I’ve had a few interviews, but I’m still waiting. So, in the meantime, I found some things to do. Tuesday morning I’m going out on the road with … Continue reading

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Here a job, there a job, everywhere a job-job

Last week I was crazy-busy with work. I worked several odd jobs and loved it. I kind of would like to be self-employed forever and just do random jobs. It’s great. And completely unreliable.  But last week it worked fine. This … Continue reading

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