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In Parts. Five.

Part 5: El fin y el presente. Todo es nuevo I hope you enjoyed the catch-up story over the last few days. I stopped blogging awhile back for many reasons. There were so many new things and transitions going on … Continue reading

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In Parts. Four.

Part 4: Home? Yesterday’s post was on homelessness and my wandering over the last few months. Now I get to tell you about part¬†4 of my transition. The last update that I sent before starting this 5-part..um..series, I was headed … Continue reading

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In Parts. Three..

Part 3: Homeless When I left the country in February, I also moved out of my residence in East Nashville. Although I would only be gone for six (ish) weeks, I knew that I could not afford to pay rent, … Continue reading

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In parts. One

Part 1: Recap I left my job back in February, and by the end of the month I was in South Africa. A lot has happened since then. Here’s a re-cap. Next week will break it down in separate posts. … Continue reading

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because some days are worth 2 posts

I just had the greatest suprise. So great, that I had to post again, even though I already posted a few minutes ago.¬† Wait for it, wait for it. I had lunch with YURI! Yes, Yuri. Famous LASP photographer, engineer, … Continue reading

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Purpose and Affirmation

Yesterday during lunch, God and I had a little discussion. It consisted of me being frustrated with the purpose of life. Not just life in general, but my life. Through some of the things I’ve been reading lately, I’m seeing … Continue reading

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Thank you for tulips

A wonderful follow-up to my previous post that needs to be shared. This was emailed to me from someone I can’t wait to meet. Enjoy and leave your comments.Let us also contribute to the conversation on relationships as a reflection … Continue reading