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L’Arche is such a gift to the world because L’Arche wants to proclaim to the world that suffering is no longer in the way of glory, but the way to it. Continue reading

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I had no idea old scars could reopen and be painful in new ways. They are mostly painful when they involve people I care about.  I also forget how innately selfish I am.  Please pray for my heart.  It hurts … Continue reading

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I found out this week that I have no idea what Advent is. 25 years in the Church, and I’ve never understood it. Until now. My friend, T, called me this week with encouragement for what I’ve been processing recently. … Continue reading

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Purpose and Affirmation

Yesterday during lunch, God and I had a little discussion. It consisted of me being frustrated with the purpose of life. Not just life in general, but my life. Through some of the things I’ve been reading lately, I’m seeing … Continue reading

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Liberation Theology

Currently reading… Here’s an excerpt from the introduction, page 14. “Third world Christians think that people like us read the Bible from the vantage point of our privilege and comfort and screen out those parts that threaten us. They tell … Continue reading

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Our Great Savior

I love reading hymns and digging deeper into their meanings. This one sunk deep into my heart yesterday as I was in the midst of dealing with my own inadequacies. Our Great Savior J. Wilbur Chapman Jesus! what a Friend … Continue reading

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