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I went to Wild Goose Fest and came back in love

Many times over the last year, two of my friends consistently pestered me about attending the Wild Goose Festival. “This makes me think of you”, “I’ll take care of the details”, they’d say. In response, I told them that I … Continue reading

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Christians make terrible rules

Growing up, my family was in church every time the doors were open. Sunday morning, Sunday school, followed by church. Go home for a pot roast and an afternoon of rest. Return to church for evening service, or as we … Continue reading

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Who are the oppressed?

In church last night, we read the following passage: 9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed,    a stronghold in times of trouble. 10 Those who know your name trust in you,    for you, LORD, have never forsaken those … Continue reading

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How chocolate covered strawberries taught me about Lent

I didn’t grow up practicing Lent, or any other practice of the Christian Calendar. Over the last five years as an adult, I’ve come to appreciate the value of these sacred practices. This year, I wanted to give up something for Lent … Continue reading

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Now is not new, but the same.

Among our accusers there is an ignorant rabble, incited by the authority of the learned to cast greater odium upon us. These simple souls imagine that the abnormal calamities that have occurred in our own day were entirely unknown in … Continue reading

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Theology of Liberation

I recently had the honor and privilege of hearing Gustavo Gutierrez, author of A Theology of Liberation, speak. This year marks 40 years since A Theology of Liberation was written. The book is a significant one in Latin America and … Continue reading

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10:1, on repeat

Take ten looks to Christ, before taking one look to yourself. “I am the way, the truth and the life” “Follow me” “For I am going to prepare a place for you” “Come to me, you who are weary” Put … Continue reading

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Jesus said what?

What do you think of my interpretation of the passage? Which of the men are you? Notice that Jesus asks something different of each of the men. What is Jesus asking YOU to do? What’s your excuse? Continue reading

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A winning battle

As a woman who seeks a life of non-violence and peace-keeping, I do not like to use language relating to war or violence. I do, however, find that language to be completely appropriate in some circumstances. Today’s thought: sometimes life feels like a battlefield. Continue reading

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Joy of choosing

Life is full of little decisions. Am I going to get out of bed, or hit the snooze button? Cereal or eggs? Return the phone call now, later, or never? How do I respond to that comment? What am I … Continue reading

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