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What I do when I don’t want to write

“After some time, I find that I keep reading about the same topics, over and over. Authors that once encouraged me, now leave me restless for something new. I’ve read enough blogs, books, articles in the last ten years to … Continue reading

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Christians make terrible rules

Growing up, my family was in church every time the doors were open. Sunday morning, Sunday school, followed by church. Go home for a pot roast and an afternoon of rest. Return to church for evening service, or as we … Continue reading

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Separating truth from a lie

My family is great at hosting people, and we loved it when we had visitors. We often hosted bible studies, football-watching parties, or out-of-town guests. One summer, a large family came to visit. All of the kids were playing in the … Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to hurt me

“I don’t want to see you get hurt”, a statement I’ve heard more than once recently. In these conversations, the sentiment is often followed with “Guard your heart”. Since I tend to take the Bible pretty seriously, and the words … Continue reading

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Confession Friday 1.2 “I don’t want to go”

I originally wrote this post in October 2008. I wrote it as a journal entry, and never posted it. I’m sharing today as part of the Confession series, and adding new thoughts to the end. Today, I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Where are you?

Then the eyes of [Adam and Eve] were opened, and they realized they were naked… and they hid from the LORD God among the trees of the garden. As a unprofessional counselor, it’s easy (relatively) for me to draw out … Continue reading

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Word vomit

*update: check out this awesome gift exchange website: www.santasecretworkshop.com* What a holiday.  I am still waking up from the late nights out. I can’t remember the last time I experienced such a gamut of emotions/thoughts in such a short period … Continue reading

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I had no idea old scars could reopen and be painful in new ways. They are mostly painful when they involve people I care about.  I also forget how innately selfish I am.  Please pray for my heart.  It hurts … Continue reading

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What is poverty? (2)

I just sent these thoughts to a friend and am reposting them here. Because I’m frustrated. And I somehow make myself feel better by telling the whole world that. Yes, I want to be a person who lives simply and … Continue reading

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